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Race Spec Pro2 Bash Plate

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New for 2022 "Pro version 2" eats rocks and logs for breakfast.

Race Specs 3rd generation "Pro Skid Plate" to suit Sur Ron Light Bee X, youth and Segway X260 and X160. CAD designed for ultimate protection, super strong, light weight and impact resistant made from engineering grade, impact resistant material. These Skid plates can take the roughest of treatment without bending or damage like other products on the market. Perfect for sliding over rocks and logs or just protecting your motor from hishap. CAD design includes ridged edges and contoured base for even greater strength and durability.

Easy to fit in under 2 mins.

Comes in Black only


Flatter base allows better balance on obstacles like logs 

Light weight approx. 330g

Super tough

Maintenance free

Ultimate protection for your motor while allowing air flow for cooling