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  • APT Display APT Display

    APT Display

    FREE SHIPPING Compatible with ASI controllers. Take your Sur-Ron to the next level with the full-color display from APT and an official ASI harness. Need a controller? We sell the full kits.  For 36V to 72V batteries. APT Display Owners Manual APT...

  • BAC Wiring Harness

    BAC Wiring Harness

    Plug and Play Wiring Harness for the BAC4000 and BAC8000 Controllers using the APT display.    Does not work with EggRider Display. 

  • Talaria OEM Battery Bypass Leads

    Talaria OEM Battery Bypass Leads

    Talaria Battery Bypass leads to increase the output and bypass the BMS.  Fit for: Talaria Sting Provide more power and speed for your talaria sting. This kit will allow you to pull up to 8Kw of power from your stock battery.  Strip ~1/2"...

7 of 7 Items