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APT Display

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Compatible with ASI controllers.

Take your Sur-Ron to the next level with the full-color display from APT and an official ASI harness. Need a controller? We sell the full kits. 

For 36V to 72V batteries.

APT Display Owners Manual

APT Display Specifications: 

  • Water proof
  • Up to  9 power settings
  • Dimensions: L110mm W68.2mm H68mm
  • Suitable for low temperature,Max -20℃
  • High-contrast 3.2inch IPS colorful matrix screen.
  • Ergonomic external button design, easy to operate.
  • Speed display : AVG SPEED, MAX SPEED, SPEED(Real-time).
  • Kilometer / Mile : Can be set according to customers’ habits.
  • Smart battery indicator : Provide a reliable battery indicator.
  • Mileage indicator : Odometer/Trip distance/ Clock/ Riding time.
  • Power indicator : real time power indicator, digital or analog.
  • Error code indicator.
  • Software upgraded : Software can be upgraded through UART.