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EBMX 72V57AH Battery - Surron LBX

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72v57Ah Extended Range Lithum Battery for Surron Light Bee.

Are you an adventure seeker that is after ultimate range and ride time? This massively powerful 72v battery will deliver all the range you could want. We also recommend our 72v fast charger to get you back riding ASAP.

*Note: 72v 57ah batteries fit in the original spot as the stock battery but the BMS is located on the rear of the battery. With this, you will need to run seat extenders to make room for the BMS. We do not guarentee that all brands of seat extenders will fit the EBMX 72v 57ah battery. 72v batteries WILL NOT be able to use the stock 3-pin connector, you must use a 4-pin 72v charger. 

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